Friday, May 22, 2009

Quickie Post

Just a quick post before I have to get back to packing!

My bentos for the past week were even worse than last week - I made two, but that includes a snack type bento I had for myself on Saturday.  I was trying to use up all the food I had in the fridge without buying anymore, so it was a little difficult.  Also, it was easier most of this week to just get lunch - and I had two planned lunch dates so that really kills bento overall.

On to the pictures!

05/16/09 Bento
Saturday snack bento. There's a hole where a carrot should be because I started eating it before I took the picture. The blue cup was also filled with a lot more olives to begin with. hehe.

05/20/09 Bento
I originally had the carrots all on the bottom of the bento and covered by the grapes, strawberries and egg. But that provided no color contrasts whatsoever, so I rearranged everything and was pleased enough with this even though the addition of some greens somewhere would have been really nice.

Next week I'll be in London on vacation so no bentos until June 1st! But after that I should be able to get back on track and hopefully start getting into kyaraben and themed bentos.

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