Friday, May 15, 2009

05/11/09 Bento through 05/15/09 Bento

This week's bentos felt pretty sparse, in and of themselves and also because it feels like I didn't make that many (though two is okay, it's below what I would prefer, especially considering my dinners were crap).

On Monday, I tried out an egg cutter I bought a bit ago. I had been wondering how people halved their eggs with the great edges, but didn't realize there was a tool for it until I saw it at the store. Of course I had to have it. It was a lot of fun and a lot easier to use than I expected. I wonder if making deviled eggs like this would work out? I'll have to try it sometime.

05/11/09 Bento

On the very bottom are carrots, which you can't see in the picture because the box is so deep. Then a ring of grape tomatoes, green grapes, red grapes and green again. I edged it with clementine slices, to try to fill up more of the empty space on the sides. I really like the stainless steel bento box. I feel like I can fill it full with veggies and fruits and even without rice or noodles, it'll be a satisfying lunch. (Or dinner, even.)

05/15/09 Bento

Today, I'm using my new containers that I picked up at Borders in their Paperchase section. The set of four was just $10 so I had to have it. The large container has rice, with some sakura nori punches sprinkled on top with seasoning packet for ochazuke. Counterclockwise from there is a container of carrots on the bottom, an egg and a cheddar Babybel. I didn't have time today to cut out something cute from the wax on the cheese, but would like to at some point. I put more of the sakura nori punches on the egg for decoration. Then there are strawberries on top of green grapes, which you can't see. In hindsight, I should have had at least some of the green grapes on top for better color variation, especially considering my containers are red, too. The littlest container has the last of this batch of grape tomatoes and half an egg. I didn't know what else to put in it, because I need to go to the store, so this was my mid-morning snack (and the other half of the egg was part of breakfast) which was tasty.

I really like these containers and I'm thinking of packing them with delicious snacks for the plane and my layovers next week so I don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money for relatively unhealthy airport food.


  1. Ooooo Misty Bento lover, you have some ochazuke! I have some that's been in my cupboard for ages..! Do you use hot water or green tea? (Or none of the above, LOL).

    I don't read Japanese but what I've discovered so far is that 1 packet goes with 100 grams of cooked rice and 150 ml water or tea. Is that correct?

    It's so cool to find you bringing some in your bento :)

  2. Thank you! I can't read Japanese yet either and I'm not much for following directions exactly, so I usually just put a scoop of rice in the bowl and when I'm ready for lunch put the ochazuke seasoning packet in with enough hot water to fill up the bowl. It's a GREAT way to use older rice that I wouldn't want to eat plain. I think the seasoning I have might have some dried green tea powder in it or something, I'm not sure. It is very tasty though.

  3. Have you ever checked out Ichiban Kan? Just google it. They have all kinds of Bento supplies for dirt cheap.